The Story 

Conserving Catchacoma follows the Wilderness Committee, Ancient Forest Exploration & Research, and the Catchacoma Forest Stewardship Committee as they campaign to have the Old Growth Catchacoma Forest protected as a conservation reserve. 

What does it take for a forest of significant ecological value to be protected in Ontario?

The Forest

According to Dr. Peter Quinby's. research, the Old Growth Catchacoma Forest is the largest known stand of Old Growth Eastern Hemlock in Canada at 662ha. AFER calculated that the value of the forest is at least 10x greater unlogged than logged. The forest is also home to at least 10 documented species at risk. Further assessment and surveys are needed to learn more about the forest and determine its status. 

Protection in Ontario

Both the Government of Ontario and the federal government have pledged to protect 25 per cent of land by 2025 and 30 per cent by 2030. Currently only 10.7 per cent of land is protected in Ontario. The Catchacoma Forest could help the Ontario government get closer to reaching their targets.